"Since the beginning of COVID, we have seen first-hand the important role app-based drivers and delivery people play in our economy and specifically within the retail sector,” said Washington Retail Association President/CEO Renée Sunde and WCIW supporter. “The Washington Retail Association values the important role independent, app-based workers play in our economy and supports policies that protect the ability of these drivers and delivery people to work as independent contractors."

Renée Sunde

President/CEO, Washington Retail Association

"App-based work is so important for workers from diverse communities because it offers flexible earning opportunities for many workers who otherwise would not be able to overcome traditional barriers to earning income. We support WCIW because it promotes a uniform approach to policies that protect these principles for app-based workers across the state.”

Mike Sotelo

Chair, Ethnic Chambers of Commerce

“Flexibility and independence are at the heart of app-based driving and delivery services, and we support efforts to maintain their status as independent contractors,” said Ollie Garrett, president of Tabor 100, a WCIW supporter. “These are core values that our own members support as entrepreneurs and business leaders and we support gig workers in the protection of these core principles.”

Ollie Garrett

President & CEO, Tabor 100

“Rideshare and delivery options play a vital role in our local and statewide economies. People want choices, and app-based driving and delivery companies provide those options not just in Bellevue, but all across Washington,” said Joe Fain, president and CEO of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. “It is important that we take steps to preserve the independence and flexibility that first attracted people to app-based work. It’s why our chamber, along with other groups, businesses and organizations, have joined WCIW.”

Joe Fain

President & CEO, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce