Supporting App-Based Worker Independence, Flexibility and Benefits

The Washington Coalition for Independent Work (WCIW) is a growing coalition of independent, app-based workers and their families, community groups, and business organizations across the state who support clear, uniform, and workable statewide policies to protect the flexibility and independence of app-based workers while advancing access to expanded benefits and protections.

In addition to supporting policies to preserve independence and flexibility for app-based workers, the Coalition advocates for expanding driver access to benefit options such as health care stipends, paid sick time and occupational accident insurance coverage as well as standardized statewide safety requirements.

WCIW also supports increasing accessibility of app-based technology platforms within communities, and for businesses and organizations across Washington to ensure reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation and delivery options, which are more essential now than ever.

WCIW supporters include app-based drivers, delivery people and platforms as well as community organizations, businesses, local chamber groups and trade associations.